Welcome to my web site! I am Erin Simmons, a wife and mother of 3 who enjoys painting, drawing, and teaching others to love the same!

From our home in Canton, TX I draw pencil portraits, plan painting parties, and help my husband with his web design business. With all of that and being a stay at home mom I stay pretty busy!

Painting Parties

IMGP2955We come to your location with everything needed to host the painting party, including yours truly! Parties last up to 3 hrs and are fun and satisfying. Many people have told me that they thought they couldn’t paint only to find great enjoyment and new confidence through the experience.

I will be painting along with you, moving around the room offering help, advice and encouragement.

Painting Party at Savannah Winery

Join us at the Savannah Winery in Canton TX for our monthly painting party. Register Online to reserve your seat.

Painting with Erin Savannah Winery Flyer

Pencil Portraits

IMGP8183For as long as I can remember I have loved drawing people, and I still do. Every commission I take is created with the love and attention I would apply to one of my own dear ones, and it’s my hope that the portrait is a treasure that my client values forever.

All portraits are lovingly hand made in a realistic style by Erin Simmons.